During the one day tour you will have a chance to see all most significant and characteristic Warsaw landmarks!
We will take you back in time and tell a story starting from modern Warsaw to the city origins. You will begin with a visit to downtown where skyscrapers dominate the horizon. Among these business towers you will find a highest building in Poland – Palace of Culture, nicknamed ‘gift of Stalin”, built only to prove Soviet domination. On the 30th floor there is most- famous viewing terrace with outstanding panorama of the whole Warsaw and surroundings.

Walking north-east you go through the former Jewish district, where the only survived synagogue, the Nożyk synagogue, can be found. Before the II World War Jews accounted for 30% of the city’s population but almost 90% of them perished during the Holocaust. We will then continue walking along Krakowskie Przedmieście, the most elegant Warsaw street with its beautiful palaces and churches. We will finish a tour by closing our circle in the Old Town, where it all began. The Royal Castle (will be happy to show you interiors), Warsaw cathedral and the medieval city walls will all await you there. Warsaw Old Town owes its revival to the devoted inhabitants that largely rebuilt this historic place with their bare hands. Great enthusiasm of the people of Warsaw and this very accurate reconstruction are appreciated globally and was included on UNESCO World Heritage List.

After a lunch break in one of restaurants in the Old Town we would like to take you to the beautiful Royal Garden of Łazienki. It is famous of its flower carpets, peacocks and squirrels running over trees and roofs of 18th century palaces which luckily avoided WWII destruction. On the way to Łazienki we will show you the former Polish Communist Party headquarters, Parliament building and even an evergreen palm tree, a local meeting point.

During this tour you will:

Befriend Warsaw mermaid, city’s symbol for over 700 years
Climb on the 30th floor of Palace of Culture to enjoy panorama (ok, you can use a lift;))
See Royal Castle with its royal chambers and historical Parliament assembly hall where the second oldest constitution on the world was enacted
Walk through Łazienki Garden to see Palace on the Water and Baroque court theatre, one of six such buildings in the world


  • Please note that tickets to the Royal Castle (30 PLN) and viewing terrace (20 PLN) are not included in the price.
  • Tasting a ravioli-like Polish pierogi or żurek (sour rye soup) is a must-do! During the tour we will take you to our favorite spot. Please mind that lunch (around 45 PLN / person) is not included in the price
  • What about visiting Wilanów Palace, known as Polish Versailles? Add a 1,5h long visit to the Palace for 150 PLN + 20 PLN per person.