Tired of urban life and overcrowded streets? Join us on unique journey to Podlasie, borderland region in northeastern Poland. Known for its wooden villages and unspoiled nature (no wonder why its name literally means „near the forest”) is a key to understand multicultural heritage of Poland. Located on the border with Belarus and Lithuania, Podlasie was inhabited by Catholics, Jews, Orthodox Christians, Protestants and even Muslim Tatars from Crimea, who settled here in 17th century! Though horrors of Holocaust, wars and forced resettlements marked the end this peaceful coexistence, much of the rich heritage remains.

We will start our tour by visiting Tykocin, once one of the largest centers of Jewish life in Poland, century second only to Kraków. Its carefully restored Great Synagogue from 1642 features original wall paintings, one of just few of its kind in the country. After a stroll in this wooden town, we will rush for a lunch break in the best Tatar restaurant in the region. Pierekaczewnik (lasagna-like local specialty) and variety of dumplings will be served. In the afternoon we will move to the monastery of Supraśl. Famous for its collection of icons (Orthodox paintings) Supraśl is the main pilgrimage site for Orthodox Christians in Poland, visited by thousands of people every year. After a guided tour of the premises, we will start our way back to Warsaw.

During this full-day tour you will:

See the wooden town of Tykocin, once typical for the country
Visit a 18th century mosque still used for prayers by local community
Be amazed by richness of Orthodox art of painting
Taste delicious Tatar cuisine, a mix of flavours from Central Asia and Eastern Poland


  • Fancy a date with a local moose? Add an animal spotting experience in Biebrza National Park! Contact us to hear more about this option.
  • Try all the local flavours: local cheese seasoned with wild garlic, split cake (sękacz in Polish) or herbal bitters. Contact us and we will arrange that for you.
  • Too many attractions in limited time? What about staying for a night in a wooden manor? Contact us to hear more about this option.