Praga is one of the best preserved pre-war neighbourhoods of Warsaw which escaped WWII demolition. Walking the streets of Praga you can see original 19th century tenement houses, backyard shrines and even hear some local dialect! It used to be a multicultural neighborhood where Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians lived side by side. Though most of these people are gone, we can still trace its multicultural heritage by visiting Catholic, Jewish and Russian Orthodox places of worship and everyday life.

We will meet you next to the Catholic cathedral of Praga, then walk on cobbled streets packed with 19th century tenements. Passing by the monument of Pragas’ folk street bands we will reach the center of pre-war Jewish part of the district with original buildings of mikveh (ritual bath) and massive Jewish school. Just few steps away, at Targowa street, we will visit Różycki Bazar, once a huge market, where for more than 100 years the heart of Praga has been beating. A must-do thing at Różycki is tasting pyza, potato dumpling, a local speciality served inside a glass jar. After pyza-break, we will head to the Orthodox church of St. Mary Magdalene, a monumental remnant of the Russian period.

During this tour you will:

See a goose bigger than an elephant (for real)
Discover shrines hidden in the backyards of 19th century tenement houses
Admire the most beautiful Orthodox church in the city
Feel the local, genuine atmosphere of Praga


  • Add a visit at Polish Vodka Museum (40 PLN/each) located in carefully restored vodka factory from 1890s. You’ll know how Polish vodka is being produced and, quite obviously, get to taste best Polish brands.
  • Try some local specialities in one of the alternative bars and cafes at Ząbkowska Street. Opary Absurdu (Ząbkowska 6) is our favorite!